The great commandment

'You shall love God first and your neighbour as yourself '. Matthew 22:39

Medical Information

Any medicines should not be brought into school unless absolutely necessary.

The school has a clear policy and procedures for dealing with any medicines in school. If your child has to take medicine during the school day, please visit the school office to complete the required consent forms.

If possible we prefer parents to come into school to administer medicines.

Please inform the school about any medical conditions that could affect you child including any allergies. You will be asked to complete a form detailing any medical information and we ask that parents keep us up-to-date to ensure we keep your child safe.

Medical appointments, hospital, doctor, dentist, optician appointments should be made outside school hours where possible.If your child has an appointment during the day please give the office advance notice and provide appointment letter or card for school records.

Parents will be required to collect their children from school as we do not allow children to leave school unsupervised during the school day.