"Though we are many we are one body in Christ Jesus…”

Romans 12:5

Christmas Resources

Please click on the links below to open various Christmas and Advent resources.

Sacred Places at Advent:

As we prepare for Christmas, usually things get busier with lots to organise.

But sometimes, we can forget to slow down and miss some of the most important things about this special season. Taking a moment to pause and be still can really help with our happiness and well-being.

So, what better way to pause than by using the Christmas story to inspire us as we slow down?

Each week we are going to explore moments of stillness found in the Christmas story. Each of these moments, or as we call them ‘sacred spaces’, came out of simple everyday activities. Click on the 'Sacred Spaces' image below.

Advent Animation Calendar:

Click the image to download 25, day by day, short 20-30 second videos throughout December

Sacred Places at Advent:                 Advent Animation Calendar :           REND Collective Christmas Songs        Messy Christingle

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