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Offering for fellow believers 

'Be careful. Continue strong in the faith. Have courage, and be strong. Do everything in love.'  

Corinthians 1 16:13-14

Here are useful links on how to support children who are worried about Coronavirus / Covid-19


Coronavirus Social Story: click here
A helpful tool from ‘Little Puddins’ to help alleviate fears and anxiety children may have about Coronavirus

Coronavirus: Why it might not be as scary as it sounds: click here
An episode of Newsround to help children better understand the virus.

Young Minds: click here
Some helpful information and advice for young people who are worried about Coronavirus.

Talking to kids about the Coronavirus: click here
Information for parents on how they can support their child’s understanding of the virus and how to manage any fears and anxiety they may have.

Looking after young mental health: click here
Advice from the NHS on anxiety, sleep, stress, low mood and mental well-being.

Coronavirus Story: click here
A colourful and simple child-friendly story to help young people understand Coronavirus.

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