School Uniform


The great commandment

'You shall love God first and your neighbour as yourself '. Matthew 22:39

Governors and staff are very proud of our school uniform, which all children from Reception to Year 6 wear. Please make sure all uniform is clearly marked with your child’s name.



Early Explorers and Nursery Children

Children should wear casual, comfortable clothing/ footwear suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor activities and the time of year

School Uniform is provided by Lads & Lasses School wear.  

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  • Grey trousers

  • White shirt

  • Maroon tie with grey stripes

  • Maroon jumper or school sweatshirt

  • Grey socks

  • Plain black shoes suitable for school


  • Grey pinafore dress or skirt, or grey tailored school trousers

  • White blouse

  • Maroon tie with grey stripes

  • Maroon cardigan or school sweatshirt or cardigan

  • Pink/white summer check dress

  • White socks or grey or black thick tights

  • Plain black shoes suitable for school


Please bear in mind that black/grey sweatshirts, trainers, boots, open-toed sandals, heeled shoes, leggings or jeans are not acceptable and are not to be worn to school.

PE Kit

Your child will also need a P.E. kit comprising of black shorts, white ‘T’-shirt and black pumps. Girls can wear black leotards. All items of clothing should be marked with your child’s name.

Forest School

Children in Foundation will also need a pair of Wellington boots and a waterproof suit for Forest School. Jewellery is not to be worn to school. This includes rings, bracelets and necklaces. If your child has pierced ears they should wear small stud earrings only. This is for reasons of health and safety. If there are cultural or religious reasons why your child should wear a particular piece of jewellery, please make an appointment to see the Headteacher.