SEN Provision


The great commandment

'You shall love God first and your neighbour as yourself '. Matthew 22:39

Some pupils may need additional educational support that is tailored to the pupils individual needs. This is referred to as a Special Educational Need.


In our school we have designated staff with responsibility for Special Education Needs to ensure that provision for each pupil is as robust and supportive as possible. These leaders, alongside the class teacher and the Head teacher will discuss any additional provision that they feel is required to support your child in their learning, and will, when needed, work with external agents outside of our school to gain additional support to ensure that your child fulfils his or her learning potential. This will of course, all be carried in in full consultation with parents and carers.


As well as school based SEN Leaders, our school also has an assistant educational psychologist, who will work to support your child if needed, and works directly with the Multi-Agency Support team, to support referral processes.

Our SENCO Team here at Trinity are:

SENCO's Mrs  Roo and Mrs Steatham

You can contact our SENCO Team on: 01902 558410